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Sermons by Guest Speakers at BBC

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Date Day Time Title Scripture Speaker
20211114 Sun AM Famine of Hearing Amos 8:11-12 Dunn, Swawn
20211107 Sun AM No Through Traffic Mark 11:15-19 Braden, Lewis
20211103 Wed PM If Only We Ask Psalms 2 Braden, Lewis
20211024 Sun PM Mission to Ukraine Acts 14:27 Rue, Chris
20211003 Sun PM Grace: Conquering Christ's Command Eph 4:1-7 Meyer, Zane
20211003 Sun AM How Badly Do You Want Somebody To Get Saved? Rom 9:1-3 Meyer, Zane
20211003 Sun SS Faith & Victory: Their Effects On Missions Rom 10:17 Meyer, Zane
20210929 Wed PM The Life That We Have Left Psalm 31 Ayers,Merle
20210926 Sun PM God's Mercy to Missions Psalms 67:1-7 Frizzell, Paul
20210926 Sun AM God, Our Shephard Psalms 23:1-6 Williams, Jared
20210912 Sun AM The Word of God II Tim 3:16 Marshall, Joe
20210912 Sun PM When Trouble Comes Job 3:26 Braden, Lewis
20210912 Sun SS The Great Comission Acts 1:8 Marshall, Joe
20210829 Sun PM And She Poured Out 2 Kings 4:1 Brenly, Amery
20210815 Sun PM Do What You Can For Jesus Christ Mark 14:3 Nayak, Wisdom
20210808 Sun PM Forgiveness Eph 4:24-31 Morrison, Robbie
20210808 Sun AM What Is Church For, Anyway? Eph 3:10 Morrison, Robbie
20210808 Sun SS The Battle Rages On 2Tim 2:3-4 Morrison, Robbie
20210801 Sun PM One Down, Four To Go 1Sam 17:40 Leathley, Matt
20210704 Sun PM The Path To Confusion Gen 1:1 Leathley, Matt
20210704 Sun AM Love Thy Neighbour Mark 12:28-34 Braden, Lewis
20210606 Sun AM Whom Seek Ye ? John 18:1-9 Braden, Lewis
20210502 Sun AM Taste And See That The Lord Is Good Psalms 34:1-11 Braden, Lewis
20210502 Sun AM Taste And See That The Lord Is Good Psa 34:1-11 Braden, Lewis
20210418 Sun PM Ahead of the Storm John 4 Stertz, Joshua
20210411 Sun AM If They Would Testify Acts 26:5 Braden, Lewis
20210328 Sun PM Great is Thy Faithfulness Lam 3:22-26 Fetter,Dave
20210328 Sun AM Men Ought Always to Pray Luke 18:1-8 Fetter,Dave
20210328 Sun SS The First Passover Exo 4:21-23 Fetter, Dave
20210312 Fri PM America In The Shadow of the Cross Luke 23:33 Hamblin, John
20210311 Thu PM Why I Witness The Way I Do Isaiah 44:8 Hamblin, John
20210309 Tue PM One Phrase That Will Get You Thru All The Storms Of Life Acts 22:17 Hamblin, John
20210307 Sun PM Revival at Dry Bones Baptist Church Eze 37:1-8 Hamblin, John
20210307 Sun AM Things You'll Surely Believe in Hell Luke 16:23 Hamblin, John
20210307 Sun SS The First Thing You Must Do To Get Revival 1 Chr 7:14 Hamblin, John
20210221 Sun PM Living by Faith 2Cor 5:7 Behman, Tom
20210207 Sun AM Fear & Judgment Ecc 12:1-14 Braden,Lewis
20210203 Wed PM Teach Us To Pray Luke 11:1-2 Griffis, George
20210203 Wed PM Night In The Bible Gen 1:1-5 Kinsey, Buster
20210117 Sun PM The Wrath of God Psalms 9:17-20 Reiner, Seth
20210103 Sun AM Virtue Over Vanity Ecclesiastes 11 Braden, Lewis
20201230 Wed PM The False Gospel Gal 1:6-8 Matthews, Gary
20201213 Sun AM Frustration With Fools Ecc 10 Braden, Lewis
20201206 Sun PM Being a Soldier For Christ 2Timothy 2:1-5 Gipp, Sam
20201206 Sun AM 29th Anniversary Celebration Isaiah 44:6-8 Gipp, Sam
20201206 Sun SS Why The Bible Above Other Books? 1 Kings 12 Gipp, Sam
20201204 Fri PM Why You Can't Read Your Bible Job 23:12 Gipp, Sam
20201129 Sun AM Responding to Suffering Ruth 1:6-14 Leathley, Matt
20201115 Sun PM Missionary to the Military Matt 28:18 Clingaman, Bruce
20201025 Sun PM Couriers for Christ Matt 5:14-16 Stertz, Don
20201021 Wed PM What is Revival Rev 2:5 Matthews, Gary
20201003 Sat PM But Continue Thou II 2 Peter 3:8 Harding, Chuck
20200927 Sun PM Pure Religion James 1:27 Bergey, Brent
20200923 Wed PM Soul Winning John 4:35-38 Midkiff, Jonathan
20200916 Wed PM Paul's Challenge To Timothy 2Timothy 1:1-14 Ayers,Merle
20200906 Sun PM Knowledge and the King Ecc.8:1-5 Braden,Lewis
20200906 Sun AM Redounding For His Glory 2Cor 4:7-16 Braden, Lewis
20200830 Sun PM Testimony In Mexico City 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 Wallace, Mike
20200809 Sun PM Constraint of Missions, The Acts 1:1-9 Overfelt, Ryan
20200809 Sun AM Living A God-Centered Life Genesis 39:7 Leathley, Matt
20200802 Sun AM Better Beliefs Ecclesiastes 7 Braden, Lewis
20200726 Sun AM Testimony & Missions Presentation Castellaw, Tom
20200726 Sun SS Returning With Christ To Armageddon Psalm 33:4-5 Castellaw, Tom
20200705 Sun PM Desires Of The Heart Psalm 37:1-5 Rogers, Mark
20200705 Sun AM The Blessed Nation Psalm 33:8-12 Rogers, Mark
20200624 Wed PM Virtue 2 Pet 1:1 Ayers, Merle
20200621 Sun PM The Men Who Brought A Man To Jesus Mark 2:1-12 Bartel, Jonathan
20200603 Wed PM Voices 1 Cor 14:1-10 Mathews, Gary
20200503 Sun AM Living and Leaving Ecc 5 Braden Lewis
20200415 Wed PM Comfort in Judgment Psalm 119:52 Braden, Lewis
20200405 Sun AM Consider the Comforter Ecc 4 Braden, Lewis
20200318 Wed PM The Master of Pain Luke 9:37-42 Kinsey, Buster
20200317 Tue PM The Master of Perception Luke 8:43-48 Kinsey, Buster
20200316 Mon PM The Master of Peace Mark 4:35-41 Kinsey, Buster
20200315 Sun PM The Master of our Profession Luke 5:1-11 Kinsey, Buster
20200315 Sun AM The Master of Problems John 20:10-16 Kinsey, Buster
20200315 Sun SS The Meaning of Contentment Phil 4:6-12 Kinsey, Buster
20200301 Sun PM The Men of Psalm 32 Psalm32 Thompson, Dean
20200226 Wed PM Simplicity in Christ 2 Cor 1:12 Ayers, Merle
20200223 Sun PM Practical Ministries Titus 2 Braden, Lewis
20200223 Sun AM Way of the World Ecc 3 Braden, Lewis
20200223 Sun SS A Season For Everything Ecc 3:1-15 Mathews, Gary
20200216 Sun PM Directed to the Desert Act 8:26-39 Whitlow, Jerry
20200202 Sun AM Struggle For Significance, The Ecc 2 Braden, Lewis
20200119 Sun PM Birthmarks of Belief Heb 11:1 Fennell, Bill
20200105 Sun AM The Night And The Watchman Isaiah 21:11-12 Braden, Lewis
20200101 Wed PM A New Year 1 Cor 16:1-9 Mathews, Gary
20191208 Sun PM Good Things In Hell Luke 16:19-26 Griffis, George
20191208 Sun AM Holiness Exo 38:1-2 Griffis, George
20191208 Sun SS What The Young Men Carried Out Acts 5:1-10 Griffis, George
20191207 Sat PM Do They See Jesus In Me? Acts 11:26 Griffis, George
20191206 Fri PM Not Desperate Enough Psalm 80 Griffis, George
20191201 Sun AM The Preacher and the Problem Ecc 1:1-18 Braden, Lewis
20191110 Sun PM What Are You Doing To Prepare For Eternity? Luke 16:1-9 Schmidt, Mike
20191108 Fri PM Good And Perfect Gifts James 1:17 Guiler, Myron
20191103 Sun AM Abijah's Sermon On The Mount 2 Chr 13:1-16 Braden, Lewis
20191027 Sun PM All Tied Up Mark 11:7-10 Saka, Michael
20191020 Sun PM Paul's Revealing Message Acts 13:16-41 Ayers, Merle
20191020 Sun AM Case For The Common Cold John 11:4 Braden, Lewis
20191020 Sun SS God's Will For Us Rom 12:1-2 Mathews, Gary
20190901 Sun PM Temptation Matthew 4:1-11 Mathews, Gary
20190811 Sun AM I Must Be About My Father's Business Luk 2:41-52 Lambert, Michael
20190721 Sun AM Why Have An Altar? Heb 13:10 Braden, Lewis
20190721 Sun SS Study For Our Final Exam Psa 15 Matthews, Gary
20190619 Wed PM Now is the Time to Forget the
Past and Go Forward
Ezra 2:1 Ayers, Merle
20190616 Sun PM Darkened Minds 2 Cor 4:3 Pizo, Justin
20190602 Sun AM Gospel of Worms Isa 41:1-14 Braden, Lewis
20190519 Sun PM Loosed From What Has You All Tied Up Luke 19:28-38 Hinkle, John
20190519 Sun AM Loving Without Limits Mark 14:1-9 Hinkle, John
20190519 Sun SS Important or Necessary? Luke 10 Hinkle, John
20190505 Sun PM David Prepares For Goliath 1 Samuel 17:16-40 Norman, Mark
20190428 Sun PM What David Lost, And How He Got It Back 1 Samuel 27 Ayers, Merle
20190428 Sun AM Mary & Martha, At Your Service Luke 10:38-42 Braden, Lewis
20190428 Sun SS Proverbs Wisdom 1 Chronicles 22 Mathews, Gary
20190407 Sun PM Spiritual Sacrifice of Thanksgiving Heb 13:10-16 Mooberry, Matthew
20190407 Sun AM Why The Hardness? Exodus 9:27-35 Braden, Lewis
20190324 Sun AM I Won't Settle For Anything Less
Than God's Best
Joshua 14:6-14 Hollis, Brian
20190324 Sun SS Integrity Psalm 26 Ayers, Merle
20190304 Mon PM I Want To Be That One Luke 17:11-19 Hamblin, John
20190303 Sun AM Say On, Preacher Acts 13:14-16 Hamblin, John
20190305 Tue PM Forget About 40 Winks If You Failed
To Bring a Pillow
Mark 4:35-41 Hamblin, John
20190303 Sun PM Sin That's Gotta Go Mat 13:53-58 Hamblin, John
20190303 Sun SS Seven Decisions I'm Glad I Made Dan 1:1-7 Hamblin, John
20190220 Wed PM Preoccupation With The Insignificant Luke 14:15-24 Mathews, Gary
20190217 Sun PM Glorious Story 1 Timothy 1:1-20 Ayers, Merle
20190217 Sun AM Do You Know Him? Jeremiah 9:23-24 Braden, Lewis
20190217 Sun SS Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:13-16 Mathews, Gary
20190210 Sun PM Personal Testimony Philippians 4:4-8 Herman, Dave
20190203 Sun AM Stepping Into Liberty Galatians 4-5:1 Braden, Lewis
20190106 Sun AM Joseph The Gentle Gen 45:1-15 Braden, Lewis
20181223 Sun PM Faithfulness of Elisha 2 Kings 2:1-8 Leathley, Matt
20181212 Wed PM Work Out Your Own Salvation Philippians 2:12-16 Rogers, Mark
20181211 Tue PM He's God and You're Not Phil 2:5-11 Rogers, Mark
20181210 Mon PM The Importance of Unity Phil 2:1-4 Rogers, Mark
20181209 Sun AM Serve The Lord With Gladness Psa 100 Rogers, Mark
20181209 Sun SS Daniels Faithfulness Dan 6:1-3 Rogers, Mark
20181209 Sun PM What Belongs To God Mark 12:13-17 Rogers, Mark
20181202 Sun AM Joseph the Great Gen 39:1-9 Braden, Lewis
20181104 Sun AM Focus Proverbs 18:9 Braden, Lewis
20181021 Sun PM What Will You Give Up? Luke 14:25-35 Stelzig, Roy
20181007 Sun PM Faithfulness 1 Cor 4:1-2 Fetter, Daniel
20181007 Sun AM Take Up Your Anchors Acts 27:39-44 Fetter, Dave
20181007 Sun SS Without Wickedness? 1 Kings 1:5 Fetter, Dave
20181006 Sat PM What Are You Living For? Matthew 6:19 Fetter, Daniel
20180930 Sun PM Paul's Testimony Acts 26 Canavan, Sean
20180923 Sun AM Your Attitude Pro 25:28 Zajac, Mitch
20180902 Sun AM The Fearful God Heb 10:31 Braden, Lewis
20180818 Sun AM A Place of Blessing Gen 53:1-15 Leathley, Robert
20180818 Sun SS Teach Us Lord Ps 110, Mat 22:41-44 Leathley, Robert
20180815 Wed AM A Servant's Qualifications Acts 6:1-7 Ayres, Merle
20180812 Sun PM With God All This Are Possible Mark 10:17-24 Miyashita, James
20180808 Wed PM Wait Isa 40:28-31 Mathews, Gary
20180805 Sun AM Names In Heaven Phil 4:1-3 Braden, Lewis
20180722 Sun PM Love The Lord With All Mark 12:28-33 Ruppel, Rodney
20180715 Sun SS The Osbornes - Testimony   Brother Osborn
20180701 Sun AM I Sought For A Man Ezek 22:23-31 Braden, Lewis
20180617 Sun PM Samaritan Woman John 4:4-7 Woodworth, Eric
20180603 Sun AM What Do You Need? Rev 3:14-19 Braden, Lewis
20180530 Wed PM A Type of Christ Ex 3:1-5 Mathews, Gary
20180527 Sun PM 3 Men And A Pot II Kings 4:1-7 Leathley, Matt
20180527 Sun AM There Shall Be A Place Deut 12:1-5, 11:1 Leathley, Matt
20180527 Sun SS A Bible Student Numbers 1 Leathley, Matt
20180520 Sun PM Need of God's Power, The John 3:9 Corpio, Victor
20180425 Wed PM Misplaced Love Rev 2:1-7 Mathews, Gary
20180422 Sun PM Facing the End II Tim 4:6-13 Westover, John
20180422 Sun AM The Mighty Have Fallen II Sam 1:11 Leathley, Robert
20180422 Sun SS As in the Days of Noah Mat 24:32-46 Leathley, Robert
20180404 Wed PM To What Purpose Is This Waste Mat 26:6-9 Dobbins, Mike
20180314 Wed PM A Comeback For The Ages Acts 1:12-14 Hamblin, John
20180311 Sun AM Crucified With Him Mat 27:38 Griffiths, George
20180311 Sun SS Does God Speak To Me? Mat 1:18-22 Griffiths, George
20180309 Fri PM Love One Another I Cor 11:23 Griffiths, George
20180304 Sun AM Witnessing Acts 1:8 Marshall, Joe
20180221 Wed PM Responsable Living I Thes 1:1-10 Matthews, Gary
20180218 Sun PM Salt Of The Earth Mat 5:13 Matthews, Gary
20180128 Sun AM Gifts of God, The Ecc 3:13 Lapish, Tim
20171231 Sun SS How To Be Blessed Jer 17:5-8 Leathley, Matt
20171224 Sun AM Why Shepherds? Luke 2:8 Westover, John
20171210 Sun PM Do It With All Thy Might Ecc 9:10 Kinsey, Buster
20171210 Sun AM Is Jesus Missing? Luke 2:41-52 Kinsey, Buster
20171210 Sun SS Potter And The Clay, The Jer 18:1-4 Kinsey, Buster
20171209 Sat PM Jacob's Trouble Gen 45 Kinsey, Buster
20171208 Fri PM Intercessory Prayer I Sam 12:23 Kinsey, Buster
20171203 Sun PM Fellowship Ex 19:1-8 Westover, John
20171126 Sun PM Return Of The King, The II Sam 19:9 Braden, Lewis
20171117 Fri PM Marrieta Choir Guiler, Myron
20171029 Sun PM Are You Evangelizing? I Pet 3:15 Wyler, Douglas
20171029 Sun AM Call Unto Me Jer 33:1-3 Wyler, Douglas
20171029 Sun SS Authority Of God's Word, The II Tim 3:14-17 Wyler, Douglas
20171008 Sun PM Problems Missionaries Face Acts 15:1-40 Morrison, Robbie
20171008 Sun SS Stewardship Luke 16:1-2 Morrison, Robbie
20171007 Sat PM Our Relationship John 20:1-4 Morrison, Robbie
20171006 Fri PM Going To The Vineyard Prov 24:27 Morrison, Robbie
20170917 Sun PM Doctrine Of Hell Mark 9:43 Zajac, Mitch
20170910 Sun PM Truth or Want? I King 22:1-25 Bard, Tom
20170910 Sun AM Bear It I Cor 10:13 Bard, Tom
20170910 Sun SS Resurrection Changed Everything Luke 24:1-8 Bard, Tom
20170719 Wed PM Lord's Watchful Eye, The Mat 8:14-15 Braden, Lewis
20170813 Sun PM God's Patience Ps 103:8 Planck, Stetson
20170806 Sun PM Living A Clean Life In A Fallen World Ephesians Reeling, Dennis
20170806 Sun AM 16 Deeds Of The Devil I Pet 5:6-11 Weirich, Terry
20170806 Sun SS Practical Faith Heb 11:1-19 Weirich, Terry
20170723 Sun PM David Friendship I Sam 23:1-15 Westover, John
20170719 Wed PM Lord's Watchful Eye, The Mat 8:14-15
20170702 Sun PM Weary Servant, The Jer 32 Leathley, Bob
20170628 Wed PM Good News, The I Cor 15:1-4 Edmunds, Gary
20170625 Sun PM A Branch Of Jesse Isa 11:1-9 Westover, John
20170618 Sun PM Measure and Reach II Cor 10:12-17 Stertz, Don
20170528 Sun PM Grace Ruth 2:1-3 Westover, John
20170521 Sun PM Light Mat 5:13-16 Tinkle, John
20170423 Sun PM Need Of Samuel, The I Sam 3:11-21 Hamilton, Paul
20170402 Sun PM Battle For The Soul, The I Sam 17:1-4, 24-29 Wright, J.R.
20170326 Sun AM Prayer Psm 72:18-20 Westover, John
20170308 Wed PM I Determined This With Myself II Cor 2:1-4 Hamblin, John
20170307 Tue PM Better Under The Bucket Num 24:7 Hamblin, John
20170306 Mon PM Preaching Jesus Would Go To Hear Mat 3:13-17 Hamblin, John
20170305 Sun PM Get In The House Luke 15:25-32 Hamblin, John
20170305 Sun AM Theology Of The Thief Luke 23:33 Hamblin, John
20170305 Sun SS Sunday School Teaching Acts 2:1-2 Hamblin, John
20170226 Sun PM Obedience To The Faith Rom 1:1-6 Westover, John
20170222 Wed PM Harvest Is Certain, The Gal 6:9 Mathews, Gary
20170212 Sun PM Word Declaired, The Psm 19:1-14 Medeiros, Travis
20170205 Sun PM Perishing Num 16:46 Ching, Nathan
20170129 Sun PM Finish Heb 12:1-2 Frye, Bruce
20170129 Sun AM Salvation I John 5:13 Frye, Bruce
20170129 Sun SS Ashes or Crowns? I Cor 3:11-15 Frye, Bruce
20170111 Wed PM How To Keep The Fires Burning Rom 12:1-13 Mathews, Gary
20170101 Sun PM Hold Fast Rev 2:18-25 Leathley, Robert
20161218 Sun AM Come Let Us Adore him Mat 2:1-11 Westover, John
20161218 Sun SS Vision & Imagination I Cor 5:16 Mathews, Gary
20161212 Sun PM In The Midst Of The Fire Dan 3:19-21 Wilcox, Doug
20161212 Sun AM Call Of Elisha I Kings 19:19-21 Westover, John
20161212 Sun SS Trial And Error Pro 15:22 Mathews, Gary
20161204 Sun PM Revival Is Hard Psm 85:6 Blunkall, Buddy
20161204 Sun AM Behold Your God Isa 40:9 Blunkall, Buddy
20161204 Sun SS Negative Metal Attitude Phil 4:13 Mathews, Gary
20161202 Fri PM Are You Ready To Meet God? Job 14:1-5 Morrison, Robbie
20161130 Wed PM Wisdom Of Little Things Pro 30:24-28 Mathews, Gary
20161127 Sun PM Godly Requirements Deut 10:12 Gerbino, John
20161127 Sun AM Be Still Psm 46:10 Westover, John
20161127 Sun SS Life Lessons John 21:20-22 Mathews, Gary
20161122 Wed PM 7 Steps To The Pig Pen Luke 15:12-16 Edmunds, Gary
20161120 Sun PM Betrayed By Friends Luke 22:21-23 Leathley, Robert
20161120 Sun AM Give Thanks I Thes 5:18 Westover, John
20161120 Sun SS Our Responsibility To Teach Psm 71:18 Mathews, Gary
20161116 Wed PM A Neglected Salvation Heb 2:1-3 Edmunds, Gary
20161113 Sun PM Stay The Course Exo 32:1 Wilcox, Doug
20161113 Sun AM Our Light Affliction II Cor 4:8-18 Westover, John
20161113 Sun SS Hindsight Psm 7:18 Mathews, Gary
20161109 Wed PM Growing Your Faith I Kings 17:1-6 Skean, Jonathan
20161106 Sun PM Don't Waste A Good Trial James 1:1-4 Rochester, Brady
20161106 Sun AM Root Of The Problem, The Isa 14:12-17 Westover, John
20161106 Sun SS Purpose Of Prayer, The Eph 4:14-21 Mathews, Gary
20161030 Sun PM Changing The Temperature Rev 3:14-19 Westover, John
20161030 Sun AM Enemy Is You, The II Tim 4:6-7 Aadaya, Boanerges
20161030 Sun SS Lost Love Rev 2:1-5 Andaya, Michael
20161023 Sun PM Paul's Fight I Tim 1:11-15 Hamilton, Terry
20161019 Wed PM Peace Of God, The II Kings 4:8-17 Zajac, Mitch
20161008 Sat PM Send Them Forth Mat 9:36-38 Morrison, Robbie
20161009 Sun AM Meaning Of Missions, The II Cor 1:11 Morrison, Robbie
20161009 Sun SS Pray For Us II Thes 3:1-3 Morrison, Robbie
20161009 Sun PM Giving Teaches II Cor 8:5 Morrison, Robbie
20161007 Fri PM Sowing The Field IS 30:21-25 Morrison, Robbie
20160831 Sun PM Maniac Of Gadera Luke 8:26-40 Rudolph, Anthony
20160828 Sun PM Set Your Affections Col 3:1-7 Westover, John
20160821 Sun PM What Would You Have Me Do? John 2:1-11 Sixt, Don
20160731 Sun AM Blood Of Jesus Christ, The Mat 27:50-51 Walker, Jim
20160720 Wed PM Spiritual Health Heb 10:22-25 Hoffman, Brent
20160717 Sun PM Promise Of The Spirit John 14:16-20 Westover, John
20160717 Sun AM Why There Is A Hell Mat 25:35-46 Wirick, Terry
20160717 Sun SS Job To Be Done, The Titus 1:1-5 Wirick, Terry
20160703 Sun PM Noah's Work Heb 11 Kinsey, Buster
20160703 Sun AM Noah's Day Gen 6:1-12 Kinsey, Buster
20160703 Sun SS Answer To Evil Tactics Neh 6:1-10 Kinsey, Buster
20160629 Wed PM Thought Purifier Phil 4:89 Westover, John
20160622 Wed PM Heresies Among You I Cor 11:17-22 Westover, John
20160612 Sun PM Nahman - Gehazi II Kings 5-8 Zajac, Mitch
20160525 Wed PM Valuing The Church Pastor Eph 4:11-13 Westover, John
20160515 Sun PM A Servant's Mind Phil 2:5-8 Res, John
20160515 Sun AM Middle Man, The John 3:16 Westover, John
20160515 Sun SS How Shall We Excape Heb 2:3 Edmunds, Gary
20160427 Wed PM Having A Bountiful Harvest II Cor 9:6-10 Johnson, Doyle
20160424 Sun PM Fret Not Psm 37-1-8 Kreh, Eric
20160417 Sun PM I Will Make You Become Mark 1:14-20 Westover, John
20160316 Wed PM Honour The Holy Things II Sam 6:1-23 Matthews, Gary
20160310 Thr PM Jesus Knows Our Heart John 2:23-25 Griffis, George
20160309 Wed PM Get In The Fight I Sam 17:1-3 Griffis, George
20160308 Tue PM What Is The Greatest Thing? I Cor 13:13 Griffis, George
20160307 Mon PM Doing More Heb 10:19-25 Griffis, George
20160306 Sun PM What Manner Of Man II Kings 2:17 Griffis, George
20160306 Sun AM Know The Bible II Tim 3:15-17 Griffis, George
20160306 Sun SS Difference Between Salvation And Discipleship John 8:24 Griffis, George
20160228 Sun PM II Corinthians 5 II Cor 5:17 Westover, John
20160207 Sun AM The Curse, The Cross, The Cure Luke 16:19-31 Hofacker, Chris
20160207 Sun SS Created For God Col 1:15-17, Rev 4:11 Hofacker, Chris
20160117 Sun PM Call To Minister Col 1:25 Hinson, Michael
20160110 Sun PM A Fall Because Of Pride John 13:1 Westover, John
20151207 Mon PM We Have Seen Strange Things Luke 5:17-26 Guiler, Myron
20151202 Wed PM Wait On The Lord Ps 27:1-4, 9-14 Rogers, Mark
20151201 Tue PM Idolatry And Witchcraft Gal 5:16-24 Rogers, Mark
20151130 Mon PM Godliness - A Direction I Tim 4:7-9 Rogers, Mark
20151129 Sun PM Best We Have, The Heb 13:5-6 Rogers, Mark
20151129 Sun SS Battle With Bitterness, The Eph 4:26-32 Frye, Bruce
20151122 Sun PM Final Remarks On Salvation I John 5:13 Westover, John
20151115 Sun PM Power Of Testimony, The John 12:9-19 Bauman, Edward
20151108 Sun AM Which Shield Would You Carry? II Chron 12:9 Doney, Mike
20151025 Sun PM Nothing Without Charity I Cor 13:1-3 Roberts, Mike
20151004 Sun PM A Blessing From God's Word Deut 7:9 Ferris, Mike
20151004 Sun SS Presentation Of Ministry Acts 16:32 Ferris, Mike
20151003 Sat PM Labourers Empowered Mat 9:37-38 Meier, Cory
20151002 Fri PM Great Commission, The 28:18-20 Ford, Mike
20150927 Sun PM Ungodly Emotions Isa 41:10 Westover, John
20150920 Sun PM A Challenge Given Rom 10:8-15 Stewart, Paul
20150823 Sun PM Field Of The Slothful, The Prov 24:30-34 Westover, John
20150823 Sun AM Perfect In Christ Col 1:20-29 Westover, John
20150823 Sun SS Ye Ought To Humble Yourself John 13:13-15 Edmunds, Gary
20150819 Wed PM Blood Sprinkled Book, The Heb 9 Mathews, Gary
20150816 Sun PM What Is The Gospel? Col 1 Bateman, Shawn
20150726 Sun PM Failure Of God's People I Sam 17 Walker, Jim
20150726 Sun AM Walk Of Faith Mat 14:22-33 Walker, Jim
20150726 Sun SS Discrepancy ? Mark 15:24 Walker, Jim
20150712 Sun PM Spiritual Unconciousness Ex 34:29 Morales, Chris
20150707 Tue PM Importance Of Little Decisions James 4:13-17 Kinsey, Buster
20150705 Sun PM Precious Passages In Peculiar Places I Chron 4:9-10 Kinsey, Buster
20150705 Sun AM In Their Day Luke 17:26-29 Kinsey, Buster
20150705 Sun SS Nehemiah's Prayer Neh 1:1-11 Kinsey, Buster
20150628 Sun PM Hungry For The Word Neh 8:1-8 Dunlap, Mark
20150617 Wed PM Walk With Christ I John 2:5 Westover, John
20150610 Wed PM When God Hides His Face Job 34:29 Leathley, Matt
20150603 Wed PM Adapting I Cor 9:19-23 Leathley, Matt
20150531 Sun PM Revival Psm 51:1-13 Zajac, Mitch
20150524 Sun AM While At Athens Acts 17:13-17 Leathley, Matt
20150524 Sun SS Way To The City Mat 21:1-11 Mathews, Gary
20150520 Wed PM Who Is My Neighbor? Luke 10:25-37 Ball, Arthur
20150517 Sun PM The Way to the City Joshua 3-4 Mathews, Gary
20150517 Sun AM Worship Rev 5:1 Westover, John
20150517 Sun SS Hard To Understand I Cor 15:31 Edmunds, Gary
20150503 Sun PM Value Of A Thought Job 1:34 Millar, Josh
20150426 Sun PM What Do You Do When The
Lights Go Out
Isa 50:10 Whitlow, Jerry
20150426 Sun SS Discipleship Ex 18:13-27 Robinson, Chad
20150422 Wed PM Understanding Of The Times I Chron 12:32 Mathews, Gary
20150419 Sun PM Paul's Prayer List II Phil 1:8 Westover, John
20150412 Sun PM Missionary To Russia Acts 20:17 Sinde, Brian
20150329 Sun PM Eating And Drinking Mat 24:35-39 Harrison, Roger
20150311 Wed PM Hang On To Your Sword II Sam 23:10 Hamblin, John
20150310 Tue PM Get Me Unto The Great Men Jer 5:5 Hamblin, John
20150309 Mon PM Getting To The Next Level Isa 40:31 Hamblin, John
20150308 Sun PM Need Revival Now Psm 85:6 Hamblin, John
20150308 Sun AM Places That Never Leave You Luke 23:33 Hamblin, John
20150308 Sun SS They Lighted Their Ship Acts 27:18 Hamblin, John
20150222 Sun PM Secret of Catching Men, The Luke 5:1-10 Wiricks, Adam
20150208 Sun SS Ten Commandments, The Ex 20 Mathews, Gary
20150125 Sun PM Getting A Grip On Your Bible Eph 6:17 Westover, John
20150118 Sun AM Preaching The Word John 1:1-2 Enoch, Ron
20150118 Sun SS Charity - Love In Action I Cor 13:1-6 Mathews, Gary
20150111 Sun SS No More Seas Rev 1:9 Mathews, Gary
20141228 Sun PM Mercy Of God, The Psm 40:11-12 Westover, John
20141228 Sun AM Why We Live Phil 1:20-24, II Cor 5:1-8 Leathley, Bob
20141228 Sun SS Aerial Overview: Chastening Heb 12:1-10 Leathley, Bob
20141221 Sun SS God's Time Gal 4:4-5 Edmunds, Gary
20141214 Sun SS Beauty In The Adventure Isa 35 Mathews, Gary
20141207 Sun SS A Study In Ruth 3 Ruth 3 Mathews, Gary
20141130 Sun PM Purpose For Service, The Eph 3:19 Westover, John
20141130 Sun SS A Study In Ruth 4 Ruth 4 Mathews, Gary
20141123 Sun SS Ruth 2 Ruth 2 Matthews, Gary
20141116 Sun SS Ruth 1 Ruth 1 Matthews, Gary
20141109 Sun PM God Loves us John 15:9-15 Cleveland, John
20141109 Sun SS A Study In Ruth - Dark Times Ruth 1:1-5 Matthews, Gary
20141102 Sun PM Kingdom of God, The Mat 6:24-35 Braden, Louis
20141102 Sun SS Prayer Luke 11:9-10 Edmunds, Gary
20141026 Sun PM Little Missionary, The I Thes 2:16 Westover, John
20141026 Sun SS Meeting Life's Requirements John 9:4 Matthews, Gary
20141024 Fri PM Unchanging God, The Luke 15:1-2 Guiler, Myron
20141019 Sun PM Perfect Law Of Liberty James 1:19-25 Bard, Tom
20141019 Sun SS Contention II Cor 10:1-6 Bard, Tom
20141012 Sun SS Love Of God, The John 13:34 Edmunds, Gary
20141005 Sun SS Follow Jesus Mat 4:18-22 Fetter, Dave
20141005 Sun AM Willing Giving II Cor 8:1-2 Heath, Dalton
20141004 Sat PM Giving Acts 11:22-30 Heath, Dalton
20141003 Fri PM No Regrets I Kings 8:41-43 Heath, Dalton
20140921 Sun PM What To Do When You Don't Know
What To Do
II Chron 20:1-13 Blunkall, Buddy
20140921 Sun AM Now Pro 27:1 Blunkall, Buddy
20140921 Sun SS 6 Essentials II Peter 1:10 Blunkall, Buddy
20140820 Wed PM Orpah's Decision Ruth 1:1-16 Gipp, Sam
20140819 Tue PM Roads Jer 31:21 Gipp, Sam
20140818 Mon PM What I Did Not Know When I Got Saved Rom 10:13 Gipp, Sam
20140817 Sun PM Strengthen The Things That Remain Rev 3:1-2 Gipp, Sam
20140817 Sun AM Important Books Mat 26:30 Gipp, Sam
20140817 Sun SS Biblical Election Isa 45:4 Gipp, Sam
20140813 Wed PM Salvation Heb 2:3 Matthews, Gary
20140803 Sun PM Jesus Burden For The Lost John 12:20-26 Canavan, Sean
20140727 Sun PM Fulfilling A Promise II Chr 7:1-3 Walker, Jim
20140727 Sun AM Temple, The John 2:13-17 Walker, Jim
20140727 Sun SS Who Jesus Is Phil 2:5-11 Walker, Jim
20140720 Sun PM Lamb, The John 1:29 DeVerna, Wayne
20140720 Sun AM Don't Settle For the Crumbs Mat 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30 Leathley, Robert
20140720 Sun SS Judgement Of Believers Mat 16:27 Leathley, Robert
20140716 Wed PM Repair Our Altar I Kings 18:30 Allen, Matt
20140706 Sun PM God Changeth Not James 1:17 Robinson, Sam
20140706 Sun AM Seek And Save Luke 19:1-10 Robinson, Sam
20140629 Sun PM Counterfit Christians II Tim 3:1-7 Montgomery, Mark
20140622 Sun PM Liberty II Cor 3:17 Westover, John
20140615 Sun SS Effect Of Sin On Fellowship, The James 1:13-16 Leathley, Robert
20140608 Sun PM John The Baptist Luke 1:15-29 Hauser, Joel
20140608 Sun SS Christian Conscience Rom 2:12-16 Westover, Ben


PM John The Baptist Luke 1:15-29 Hauser, Joel
20140608 Sun SS Christian Conscience Rom 2:12-16 Westover, Ben
20140518 Sun PM Prayer and Witness Col 4:2-6 Staley, Doug
20140518 Sun SS Read the Bible Ps 119:105 Miller, Paul
20140511 Sun PM Service Of Christian Women John 4:31-38 Westover, John
20140511 Sun AM A Good Gift James 1:17 Leathley, Robert
20140511 Sun SS Mishandling The Word Of God Is 28:1-7 Leathley, Robert
20140427 Sun PM Three Wonderful Words Psalm 89:14 Westover, John
20140420 Sun PM Don't Miss Jesus Luke 24:13-17 Schwaderer, Nathan
20140330 Sun PM Addiction To The Ministry I Cor 16:15-18 Westover, John
20140319 Wed PM Prayer I Kings 17:1-16 Griffis, George
20140318 Tue PM Sickness Mark 5:25 Griffis, George
20140317 Mon PM Crucifed With Him Mat 27:38 Griffis, George
20140316 Sun PM Whole Armor Of God Eph 6:10 Griffis, George
20140316 Sun AM That They May Know I John 5:1-13 Griffis, George
20140316 Sun SS Excuses Mark 6:35-44 Griffis, George
20140223 Sun PM Burden Hab 1 Hodge, Don
20140216 Sun PM She Hath Done What She Said Mark 14:3-5 Lapish, Tim
20140212 Wed PM The Way Isa 55 Robinson, Chad
20140126 Sun PM Are We Really Happy? Rom 14:12 Westover, John
20140119 Sun PM Faith Of Peter, The Mat 14:22-31 Fetter, Daniel
20140105 Sun AM Attempting Something Great For God I Sam 14:6-10 Leathley, Matt
20131229 Sun PM Can Any Good Thing Come Out
of Nazareth?
John 1:43-46 Westover, John
20131218 Wed PM Moses My Servant Is Dead Duet. 34 Mathews, Gary
20131205 Thu PM It May Be True, But Not Important Gen 17:1-5 Rogers, Mark
20131204 Wed PM What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Hosea 4:1-6 Rogers, Mark
20131203 Tue PM The Father Luke 15:11-24 Rogers, Mark
20131202 Mon PM Benefits Of Sonship Luke 15:17-24 Rogers, Mark
20131201 Sun PM When You Don't Know What To Do II Kings 4:25-31 Rogers, Mark
20131201 Sun AM True Worship Ezra 6:15 Rogers, Mark
20131201 Sun SS God Of The Grasshoppers, The Num 13:26-33 Rogers, Mark
20131124 Sun PM Grace Of Giving, The II Cor 8:1-9 Westover, John
20131117 Sun PM Biggest Business, The Acts 1:68 Zajac, Mitch
20131110 Sun PM All You Need Is God Mat. 21:18 Bard, Thomas
20131027 Sun PM Gospel Battery, The John 3:20 Westover, John
20131013 Sun PM What Motivates You Mat 5:43-48 Westover, John
20131006 Sun PM Light John 3:18-19 Morrison, Robbie
20131006 Sun AM Faith Is Heb 11:1 Morrison, Robbie
20131006 Sun SS God Provides I Kings 17:8-16 Bogard, Kirk
20131005 Sat PM Thy Seed Gal 3:16 Morrison, Robbie
20131004 Fri PM Gospel, The I Cor 15:1-4 Morrison, Robbie
20131002 Wed PM Glorify Him Luke 17:11-17 Westover, John
20130929 Sun PM How To Have I Kings 17:1-9 Blunkall, Buddy
20130929 Sun AM What Pleases God I John 3:22 Blunkall, Buddy
20130929 Sun SS How To Be Saved John 20:29-31 Blunkall, Buddy
20130904 Wed PM Hard People - Hard Times Ezek 2:1-5 Leathley, Matt
20130828 Wed PM Value Of The Word Of God Psalm 119:161-168 Marshall, Joe
20130825 Sun PM Slothful Prov 24:30-34 Westover, John
20130811 Sun PM Jonah's Message Jonah 1:1-3 Putney, Peter
20130731 Wed PM Response To Attack I Sam 28:7-16 Leathley, Robert
20130728 Sun PM How To Listen To A Sermon Neh 8:1-6 Westover, John
20130721 Sun PM Got Preach, The Cast, Why? Matthew 28:18-19 Walker, Jim
20130721 Sun AM Answer Is Repentance Jeremiah 18:7-9 Walker, Jim
20130721 Sun SS Heritage Of Faith II Kings 11:1-2 Walker, Jim
20130712 Fri PM I Want That Mountain Joshua 14:6-15 Kinsey, Buster
20130710 Wed PM Minister Acts 26:16 Kinsey, Buster
20130709 Tue PM Precious Things Prov. 12:27 Kinsey, Buster
20130713 Sun PM Vision Proverbs 29:18 Kinsey, Buster
20130713 Sun AM Sin Is The Problem II Kings 5:1-3 Kinsey, Buster
20130713 Sun SS A Challenge To The Church Eph 1:1-7 Kinsey, Buster
20130626 Wed PM Joy and Love Phil 1:1-11 Westover, John
20130623 Sun PM Bringing People To Jesus Mark 2:1-12 Cato, Dave
20130609 Sun PM Sword, The Jeremiah 48:10 Pahlman, Scot
20130526 Sun PM Men Ought Always To Pray Luke 18:1-8 Westover, John
20130517 Fri PM Jesus Is Wonderful Isaiah 9:6 Guiler, Myron
20130501 Wed PM A Dead End Street Prov 16:25 Edmunds, Gary
20130428 Sun PM When God Cuts The Grass Isaiah 40:1-8 Westover, John
20130414 Sun PM Three Things A Missionary Needs Jonah 1:1-3 Smith, Preston
20130403 Wed PM When God Changes Your Plans Job 23:13-16, Dan 4:34-37 Rue, Christopher
20130331 Sun PM False Teaching? How? John 3:1-7 Westover, John
20130320 Wed PM Diamonds In The Desert I Chr 4:9-10 Mathews, Gary
20130304 Wed PM When A Bible Believing Church Backslides Rev 2:1-7 Hamblin, John
20130304 Tue PM God's Heavenly Hankerchief Rev 7:17 Hamblin, John
20130304 Mon PM God's Water Boy John 2:1-11 Hamblin, John
20130303 Sun PM Why The Devil Despises Revival Acts 8:9 Hamblin, John
20130303 Sun AM Simply Beautiful Acts 3:1-11 Hamblin, John
20130303 Sun SS Still Not Close Enough Luke 22:41 Hamblin, John
20130210 Sun PM A Race To Run Heb 12:1-3 Stertz, Don
20130123 Wed PM Revival Psalm 80:1-4 Griffeths, George
20130122 Tue PM Simple Truth, The John 3:1-10 Griffeths, George
20130121 Mon PM If My People II Chron 7:13-14 Griffeths, George
20130120 Sun AM Seeing Our Faith Mark 2:1-5 Griffeths, George
20130120 Sun SS Close To Jesus John 13:21-23 Griffeths, George
20130120 Sun PM A Fool Of Yourself Luke 5:16-24 Griffeths, George
20130116 Wed PM When I Heard These Words Neh. 1:1-4 McElearth, Mark
20130106 Sun PM Where There Is No Vision Proverbs 29:18 Brown, Daniel
20121219 Wed PM Gifts To Remember Matthew 2:1-13 Edmunds, Gary
20121128 Wed PM Instructions To A Young Woman II Tim 2:20-22 Anger, Al
20121125 Sun PM Conscience Acts 24:16 Westover, John
20121118 Sun PM A "Have To" Christian Jonah 1:1 John Walz
20121028 Sun SS Politics Ps 33:1-12 Harding, Chuck
20121028 Sun AM What Is Liberty Acts 22:19-28 Harding, Chuck
20121027 Sat PM Pledge To Our Flag Is 1:1-18 Harding, Chuck
20121026 Fri PM Truth, The Ezra 7:25 Harding, Chuck
20121007 Sun AM Money and Giving II Cor 9:1-15 Sowell, Rick
20121007 Sun PM Attitude Mat 26:1-13 Sowell, Rick
20121007 Sun SS Discouraged? Hebrews 1:1-2 Sowell, Rick
20121006 Sat PM Purpose Of The Story, The (baskets) John 6:5-13 Sowell, Rick
20121005 Fri PM We Win The Battle! Jer. 32:1-10 Sowell, Rick
20120930 Sun PM Sham Master, The I Thess 4:11-12 Westover, John
20120916 Sun PM Are You Scared? I Sam 22:22-23 Trump, Robert
20120902 Sun PM What To Do When You Don't Know
What To Do
II Chron 20:1-13 Blunkall, Buddy
20120902 Sun SS Mind Of Christ, The Phil 2:1 Blunkall, Buddy
20120902 Sun AM Revive Us Psalm 85:1-6 Blunkall, Buddy
20120826 Sun PM What God Says, I Will Speak II Chron 18:13, I Pet 4:11 Westover, John
20120815 Wed PM Many Voices I Cor 14:10-11 Leathley, Robert
Sun PM Intro

Nem 2:20
Gillispie, John
20120808 Wed PM Committed To Christ Rom 9:1-3 Lambert, Michael
20120729 Sun PM Lessons For The Disciple of Christ John 6:1-14 Rice, Shane
20120722 Sun SS Bible Preaching Prov 10:17 Walker, Jim
20120722 Sun PM Judgement Of God Jer 44:15-16 Walker, Jim
20120722 Sun AM What Got The Thief To Paradise Luke 23:39-43 Walker, Jim
20120713 Fri PM How To Dwell In The Den Daniel 6:10-22 Kinsey, Buster
20120711 Wed PM How You Can Overcome Num 13:1-3 Kinsey, Buster
20120708 Sun PM Above Deep Fire Hebrews 11:7 Kinsey, Buster
20120708 Sun AM God In His Home Jer 20:1-9 Kinsey, Buster
20120624 Sun PM Lost Book, The II Kings 22:1-7 Westover, John
20120620 Wed PM Secret Of Success, The Matt 5:38-42 Matthews, Gary
20120603 Sun AM Disobedient Children Prov 17:25 Del Grande, Brian
20120603 Sun PM Losing A Vision Prov 29:18 Del Grande, Brian
20120603 Sun SS Hospitality I Pet. 4:9 Del Grande, Brian
20120527 Sun SS Here I Am Gen. 22:1 Johnson, Doyle
20120527 Sun PM Infallible Proof Acts 1:1-11 Johnson, Doyle
20120527 Sun AM Which Way Mat 17:13 Edmonds, Gary
20120520 Sun PM Witnessing In The Last Times II Tim 2:1-13 Dassow, Will
20120513 Sun PM If You Love Me (Jesus) Phil 2:5-11 Guiler, Myron
20120509 Wed PM Joy Hab 3:17-19 Leathley, Matt
20120422 Sun PM Authenticating Moses Exodus 4:1-9 Leathley, Robert
20120422 Sun AM Knowing Christ Through Service Song of Solomon 5:1-6 Leathley, Matt
20120509 Wed PM Joy Hab. 3:17-19 Leathley, Matt
20120422 Sun SS Knowing Christ Through Service Song of Solomon 5:1-6 Leathley, Matt
20120422 Sun AM Authenticating Moses Exodus 4:1-9 Leathley, Robert
20120415 Sun PM Vocational Missionary Danforth, Harry
20120408 Sun SS Honduras Missions Jude 22,23 LaVita, Dan
20120325 Sun PM Sacrifice of Praise, The I Peter 2:5 Westover, John
20120314 Wed PM A Swamp Land Isaiah 42:1-8 Mathews, Gary
20120311 Sun PM 4 Pillars of the Power To Peop Phil 3:10 Martin, Josiah
20120304 Sun PM Jesus Is The Answer Matthew 11:25-30 Harrison, Rex
20120212 Sun PM Return To The Lord Ruth 1:1-7 Fussner, Heith
20120208 Wed PM Brightest Light In The House Matt 6:22-23 - Is 8:20 Westover, Ben
20120129 Sun PM Missionary Cry, The Psalm 142 Hamilton, Paul
20120122 Sun PM 5 Lessons From The Rapture I Thessalonians 1:5 Westover, John Paul
20120115 Sun PM Rest Of The Story, The Acts 16:31 Frye, Bruce
20120115 Sun SS Bridle Your Tongue James 1:26 Frye, Bruce
20120115 Sun AM Bruce's Testimony Psalm 40:1-3 Frye, Bruce
20111225 Sun SS 5 Gifts You Can Give To God Proverbs 22:15 Leathley, Robert
20111225 Sun PM He Was Moved With Compassion Matthew 9:35-38 Westover, John
20111211 Sun PM Free Gift, The Romans 5:1,15-18 Ferris, Mike
20111204 Sun AM The God Of Promise John 12:20-22 Rogers, Mark
20111204 Sun PM It's About God Jonah 1:1-9 Rogers, Mark
20111204 Sun SS Principle Of Replacement Col 3:1-17 Rogers, Mark
20111203 Sat PM Rejected Sacrifices I Samuel 16:1-7 Rogers, Mark
20111202 Fri PM And I Am Glad John 11:1-15 Rogers, Mark
20111201 Thu PM A New Heart I Samuel 9:1-6,17 Rogers, Mark
20111130 Wed PM Fire From Heaven I Kings 18:17-24 Rogers, Mark
20111127 Sun PM A Humble Christian Philippians 2:13-16 Westover, John
20111127 Sun SS Causing A Big Catch Of Fish Luke 5:1-11 Leathley, Steve
20111123 Wed PM Harness The Horses Jeremiah 46:3-4 Mathews, Gary
10-22-11 Sun PM Created in Christ Jesus Unto Good Works Eph 2:10 Westover, John
10-16-11 Sun PM Comforter, The John 14:16 Labouve, Kurt
10-09-11 Sun AM Missions According to Jonah Jonah 1:1 Monger, Bobby
10-09-11 Sun PM Harvest Fields, The John 4:35-38 Bro Ruppel
10-07-11 Fri PM Never Give Up! II Tim 2:1-4 Bro Ruppel
10-06-11 Thur PM William Carey's Commandments I Cor 6:19-20 Allen, John
10-05-11 Wed PM Missing Prayer Card Amos 8:11-12 Monger, Bobby
09-25-11 Sun PM A Threefold Cord Dan 3:19-25 Leathley, Robert
08-28-11 Sun PM Lovers of God Phil 1:9 Westover, John
08-24-11 Wed PM Ways Of Man, The Job 34:21 Coventry, Kevin
08-17-11 Wed PM Missionary to Granada Lambert, Michael
08-14-11 Sun PM Missionary, The 2 Cor 4:1-7 Mooberry, Matthew
08-14-11 Sun PM Mooberry - Slide Presenation Mooberry, Matthew
08-07-11 Sun PM The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 Walker, Jim
07-31-11 Sun PM Are You A Bible Believer? Psm 12:6-7 Westover, John
06-12-11 Sun PM Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Neh 8:8-10 Henricksman, Neil
05-29-11 Sun PM Spiritual Discernment I Cor. 16:20-22 Westover, John
04-17-11 Sun PM Numbers 11:1-6 Numbers 11:1-6 Leathley, Matt
04-10-11 Sun AM Break Through Mark 5:21-24 Chadinha, Mario
04-10-11 Sun PM Battle In Your Mind, The Eph 6:12; Rom 7:14-19 Fellman, Lucas
04-10-11 Sun SS Run To God Jonah 2:1-9 Cook, Jay
04-06-11 Wed PM What We Should Do With Our Riches James 5:1-6, 7-11 Cook, Jay
03-27-11 Sun PM Divine Guidance Numbers 9 Westover, John
03-09-11 Wed PM Why the Christian Can't Quit I Cor. 16:13 Hamblin, John
12-01-10 Wed PM Rent Veil Mat 27:50-52 Westover, John
11-28-10 Sun PM Special Speaker Gary Edmunds Luke 19:1-10 Edmunds, Gary
11-28-10 Sun SS Special Speaker Bob Leathley Heb 6:4-6 Leathley, Bob
11-28-10 Sun AM Grace of God, The II Cor 8:1 Leathley, Bob
11-17-10 Wed PM A King Torn Hosea 6:1-2 Westover, John
11-14-10 Sun AM Wisdom Hath Builded Her House Pro 9:1-6 Ball, Art
11-14-10 Sun PM Two Signs of Jesus Christ Mark 7:31-37 Ball, Art
11-14-10 Sun SS Realities That Obligate Us To Missions I Pet 1:8-12 Ball, Art
11-10-10 Wed PM Torn Garment Gen 37:29 Westover, John Paul
11-07-10 Sun SS Things That Cannot Be Shaken Heb 12:18-29 Edmunds, Gary
11-07-10 Sun PM Expecting To Receive Acts 3:1-5 Edmunds, Gary
11-07-10 Sun AM Seven Steps To The Pig Pen Luke 15:11-16 Edmunds, Gary
10-24-10 Sun PM Ministry of Prayer, The I Tim 2:1-4 Westover, John Paul
10-03-10 Sun SS I Chronicles 29 I Chronicles 29 Morrison, Robbie
10-03-10 Sun PM Caring Starts With Contentment Philippians 4 Morrison, Robbie
10-03-10 Sun AM Phillipians 2 Phillipians 2 Morrison, Robbie
10-02-10 Sat PM Philippians 1 Philippians 1 Morrison, Robbie
10-01-10 Fri PM Joel 3:14-16 Joel 3:14-16 Morrison, Robbie
09-29-10 Wed PM Two Questions Romans 7 Westover, John Paul
09-05-10 Sun SS Elijah Great Faith I Kings 17 Lewis, James
09-05-10 Sun AM 5 Stones I Samuel Lewis, James
09-05-10 Sun PM Missionary to Micronesia Psm 33:14 Fetter, Dave
08-01-10 Sun PM Stages of Being Lost (Part 2) Walker, Jim
08-01-10 Sun SS Truth Is Important II Pet 2:1-2 Walker, Jim
08-01-10 Sun AM Stages of Being Lost (Part 1) Luke 15 Walker, Jim
07-18-10 Sun PM Praying for Missions I Thes 4 Menkhoff, Jim
07-09-10 Fri PM Asa's Downfall II Chr 16:1-14 Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10 Sun PM Don't Let The Fire Go Out Lev 6:8-13 Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10 Sun SS Forgiveness Eph 4:17-31 Kinsey, Buster
07-04-10 Sun AM Mephibosheth II Sam 9 Kinsey, Buster
06-27-10 Sun PM Faint Not Psm 32:1-3 Bowman, Shawn
06-16-10 Wed PM Repent Mat 21:28-29 Westover, John Paul
06-06-10 Sun SS Temptation James 1:12 Gipp, Sam
06-06-10 Sun PM Your One Chance James 4:14 Gipp, Sam
06-06-10 Sun AM Making Peace With God Isaiah 27:1-5 Gipp, Sam
06-05-10 Sun PM When Things Look Hopeless Isaiah Gipp, Sam
06-04-10 Sat PM Our New Relationships With God Matt 21:28-31 Gipp, Sam
06-03-10 Fri PM Why I Want To Be A Pharisee Phil 3:4-6 Gipp, Sam
06-02-10 Wed PM Five Covenants, The Psalm 89 Gipp, Sam
04-21-10 Wed PM Lost/Kept John 17:12 Leathley, Robert
04-18-10 Sun SS Witnessing In Chains Acts 17:22-27 Ching, Nathan
04-18-10 Sun PM Moved To Change II Sam 9:1-13 Ching, Nathan
04-11-10 Sun SS Proper Steps I John 2:1-18 Leathley, Robert
04-11-10 Sun PM God's Health Care Plan Pro 17:22 Leathley, Robert
04-11-10 Sun AM In All This Job 2:3-10 Leathley, Robert
04-07-10 Wed PM Respect Mat 23:1- Leathley, Robert
04-04-10 Sun PM Jesus The Good Shepard John 10:1-14 Guenther, Tim
03-24-10 Wed PM Heaven In The Home Psalm 127 Ralph, Ron
03-23-10 Tue PM You Can Do It Phil 4:13 Ralph, Ron
03-22-10 Mon PM Running in Circles Luke 9:10 Ralph, Ron
03-21-10 Sun AM Regret Jn 9:4 & Jn 12:35-36 Ralph, Ron
03-21-10 Sun SS Idols, Images, and Imaginations Rev 3:14-20 Ralph, Ron
03-21-10 Sun PM Satan's Stronghold II Cor 10:35 Ralph, Ron
03-07-10 Sun AM Why I'm Going To The Congo Luke 1 Blackburn, Nick
02-29-10 Sun AM My Name Shall Be Great Among
the Gentiles
Mal 1:6-14 Smith, Joshua
02-07-10 Sun AM Prison Matt 25:36 Burns, Jeremy
02-03-10 Wed PM That I May Know Him Phil 3:7-11 Braden, Lewis
01-22-10 Fri PM To Seek By Prayer Daniel 9:1-4 Griffis, George
01-23-10 Sat PM Teach Us To Pray Mat 26:36-41; Luke 11:1-2 Griffis, George
01-24-10 Sun AM God So Loved John 3:16 Griffis, George
01-24-10 Sun PM Leaning on Jesus' Bosom John 13:21-25 Griffis, George
01-24-10 Sun SS Be A Disciple Luke 14:26-35 Griffis, George
01-20-10 Wed PM Get A Hold of God Isaiah 64:6-7 Vogelpoole, Dana
01-13-10 Wed PM Beautify The House of God Ezra Chadhina, Mario
01-13-10 Wed PM Let us Draw Near Heb 10:19-22 Beilfus, Ryan
01-10-10 Sun PM Not of Men Gal 1:1-12 Leathley, Matt
01-06-10 Wed PM Walking Circumspectly   Thayer, Jeremiah
12-20-09 Sun PM Gal 2:20 Gal 2:20 Schildknecht, Charles
12-06-09 Sun SS Balance Pro 11:1 Rogers, Mark
12-06-09 Sun AM Who Is Jesus? Mat 11:13-16 Rogers, Mark
12-06-09 Sun PM It's Too Soon To Quit Joshua 6:1-20 Rogers, Mark
12-05-09 Sat PM Death, Healing, and Resurrection Luke 8:40-56 Rogers, Mark
12-04-09 Fri PM Don't Waste the Blessings of God II Chron 24:1-25 Rogers, Mark
12-03-09 Thurs PM Starting New Traditions II Chron 24:1-15 ?? Rogers, Mark
12-02-09 Wed PM II Chron 22:1-4;10-12 II Chron 22:1-4;10-12 Rogers, Mark
11-29-09 Sun SS I John 1:2,7 - Rom 1:21-13 ?? I John 1:2,7 - Rom 1:21-13 Leahley, Bob
11-29-09 Sun PM Victory Through Faith I John 5:4 Leathley, Bob
11-29-09 Sun AM Your Philosophy Acts 8:26-31 Leathley, Bob
11-25-09 Wed PM Jeremiah 13:1-11 Jeremiah 13:1-11 Braden, Lewis
11-22-09 Sun PM Born Among Women (John The Baptist) Matt 11:1-14 Rodriquez, Manny
10-18-09 Sun SS Evangelist Justin Cooper I Sam 17:1-37 Cooper, Justin
10-18-09 Sun PM Evangelist Justin Cooper Cooper, Justin
10-18-09 Sun AM Evangelist Justin Cooper Psm 40:1-2 Cooper, Justin
10-04-09 Sun PM I Thessalonians Chapter 1 I Thes 1 Leathley, Matt
10-04-09 Sun AM Special - The_Longer_I_Serve_Him.mp3
10-04-09 Sun SS Ministering to the Saints II Cor 9 Leathley, Matt
10-04-09 Sun AM Seeking the Lost Luke 15:1-2 Frizzel, Paul
10-03-09 Sat PM Where Is Your Place Judges 7:17-24 Holland, Todd
10-02-09 Fri PM Earthen Vessels II Cor 4:7 Frizzel, Paul
09-20-09 Sun PM Be Thou Clean * Luke 5:12-13 Petronico, Tony
09-20-09 Sun AM Yes We Can Gen 11:1-8 Petronico, Tony
09-13-09 Sun PM Faith Rom 4:19-21 Planck, Stetson
08-26-09 Wed PM 7 Times Pro 24:15-16 Braden, Louis
08-23-09 Sun PM Special
08-19-09 Wed PM God Is Light Gen 1:1 Gabbard, Phil
08-09-09 Sun SS Darkness & Flames in Hell Deu 4:11 Walker, Jim
08-09-09 Sun PM Children are Important Psalm 78:1-8 Walker, Jim
08-09-09 Sun AM Study of II Kings 7 II Kings 7:3-9 Walker, Jim
07-15-09 Wed PM Seven Things To Keep From Sliding Back Church Planters Stalnaker, Virl
06-24-09 Wed PM What Was Lost Is Found Luke 15:4-23 Coventry, Kevin
06-28-09 Sun PM We Are All Missionaries Missionary to Zambia Peterson, Greg
06-14-09 Sun SP America Again Special Cook, Jay
05-24-09 Sun PM Missionary To Ukraine Psalm 77 Missionary Rick Wiles
05-03-09 Sun PM Thankfulness Isa 5:14 Missionary Jeff Smith
04-19-09 Sun PM Some Things That Are Good Ecc 6:12 Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-19-09 Sun AM Some Things About Heaven John 14:1-6 Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-19-09 Sun SS Evil Surmisings I Tim 6:4 Evan. Brian DelGrande
04-05-09 Sun AM Why Things Happen When They Happen Ecc 3:1-8 Bro. Art Ball
04-05-09 Sun SS Mission Opportunities Phil 4:10 Bro. Art Ball
03-29-09 Sun PM Sowers And Reapers John 4:25-38 Matt Leathley
03-25-09 Wed PM My Three Fears As A Fundamentalist I Cor 9:19-27 Dr. John Hamblin
03-24-09 Tue PM The School of Storms Mark 6:45-51 Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09 Sun PM What I Know Will Still Bring Revival* Jonah 3:10 Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09 Sun AM Meaningful Changes At the
Marriage in Cana
John 2:1-11 Dr. John Hamblin
03-22-09 Sun SS Where Are the Nine? Luke 17:17 Dr. John Hamblin
03-15-09 Sun PM Determine To Make A Difference Judges 3:11-30 Bro. Matt Allen
03-15-09 Sun SS What is Missions (New Guinea) Rom 14:4 Bro. Matt Allen
03-08-09 Sun PM God's Will I Cor. 2:6-12 Bro. Mark Doney
03-08-09 Sun AM Consider Your Ways Haggai 1:1-9 Bro. Mark Doney
03-08-09 Sun SS Goals For God Phil 3:7-14 Bro. Mark Doney
03-04-09 Wed PM Remove Your Idols Hab. 3:2; I Ki 15:12 Bro. Bob Leathley
02-15-09 Sun PM Issue of Blood Mark 5:25-34 Missionary Ken Dibler
02-15-09 Sun PM Intro - Armed Forces Missions   Missionary Ken Dibler
02-01-09 Sun PM Reach Out to Jesus Micah 6:1-8 Br. Jeff Kruchkow
02-01-09 Sun SS The Dead Sea Christian II Cor 8:1-5 Br. Jay Cook
01-11-09 Sun PM Fighting the Battle Rom 12:18 Bro. Mike Dorley
12-28-08 Sun PM Committed To God II Tim 1:7-12 Bro Bob Leathley
12-28-08 Sun AM The Blood Josh. 2:9-21 Bro Bob Leathley
12-28-08 Sun SS Study of Matthew 22:40 Matt 22:40 Bro Bob Leathley
12-14-08 Sun PM The Gospel of Living Job 19:25-27 Bro Bob Leathley
12-07-08 Sun PM Renew Isa. 40:31 Bro. Chris Woodley
12-07-08 Sun AM Moses Ex 2:25-3:12 Bro. David Haveman
12-07-08 Sun SS Ambassadors To Israel Luke 5:1-10 Bro. Richard Krecls
12-06-08 Sat PM Israel Isa 15:12 Gen 17:7-8 Bro. Richard Krecls
12-05-08 Fri PM Love of Christ II Cor 5:14, 13:14 Bro. Chris Woodley
11-23-08 Sun PM Missionary Mike Wallace   Wallace, Mike
10-22-08 Wed PM The Course of a Hero II Tim 4:1-8 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-21-08 Tue PM The Call of a Hero Gen 41 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-20-08 Mon PM The Character of a Hero I Sam 17 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08 Sun PM The Sword Heb. 4:12-13 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08 Sun AM The Correction of God Job 5:17 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-19-08 Sun SS Songs & Singing Eph. 5:18-21 Evangelist Mark Rogers
10-15-08 Wed PM Spirit of Truth John 16:7 Bro. Bob Leathley
10-12-08 Sun PM Don't Stop Short 2 Kings 19:14-19 Dr. Sam Gipp
10-12-08 Sun AM Morning Service Rom 10:9-13 Dr. Sam Gipp
10-08-08 Wed PM The Straight Line Phil 3:7-16 Bro. Lewis Braden
08-17-08 Sun PM Know The Truth   Missionary Jason Harris
08-10-08 Sun PM Submission Luke 5 Bro. Jon Knouf
08-10-08 Sun SS II Chron 7:14 II Chron 7:14 Bro. Jon Knouf
08-03-08 Sun PM Victory In Christ Jesus I Cor 15:57 Bro. Robbie Morrison
08-03-08 Sun AM Seek Him Psalm 24:6 Bro. Robbie Morrison
08-03-08 Sun SS The Measure of Faith II Cor 10:12-15 Bro. Robbie Morrison
07-23-08 Wed PM Linen Mark 14:51-52 Bro. Bob Leathley
07-20-08 Sun PM Run That Ye My Obtain I Cor. 9:24 Missionary Casey Kline
07-08-08 Sun PM Nehemiah 1 & 2 Neh 1-2 Evangelist Buster Kinsey
07-08-08 Sun AM The Love of God I John 3 Evangelist Buster Kinsey
07-08-08 Sun SS Judges 6 & 7 Judges 6-7 Evangelist Buster Kinsey
06-15-08 Sun PM What Were They Thinking I Chr 28 - Pro 23 Bro. Bob Leathley
05-28-08 Wed PM Sanctification II Cor. 6:14 Bro. John Paul Westover
05-25-08 Sun PM Who Killed Jesus? John 19:1 Pastor Jim Walker
05-25-08 Sun SS After The Cross / Hell   Pastor Jim Walker
05-18-08 Sun PM A Vessel of Honor Luke 8:22-26 Missionary Daniel Fetter
04-20-08 Sun PM No Hope In The Pope Mat 16:21-28 Bro. Ben Westover
03-16-08 Sun PM Are You a Christian Acts 11:18-27 Missionary Jason Young
03-06-08 Thr PM Virtue Luke 6:12-19 Bro. George Griffis
03-05-08 Wed PM Charity I Cor 13 Bro. George Griffis
03-04-08 Tue PM Why I Know There Is A God Rom 1:19 Bro. George Griffis
03-03-08 Mon PM Hell Luk 16:19-31 Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08 Sun PM The Hedge Of God Ecc 10:8 Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08 Sun AM He's Who He Said He Was Matt 27 Bro. George Griffis
03-02-08 Sun SS Go To The Book Josh 1:1 Bro. George Griffis
02-17-08 Sun AM Sowing Isaiah 13:20 Missionary Joe Marshall
02-17-08 Sun SS Gods Commandments Duet 6:1 Missionary Joe Marshall
02-03-08 Sun PM Phases of Your Spiritual Walk Exodus 3 Bro Bob Leathley
01-30-08 Wed PM Wednesday Evening Service Acts 17 Bro Ben Westover
01-20-08 Sun PM Thankfulness   Missionary Mike Roberts
12-19-07 Wed PM Ben Westover - Guest Speaker   Bro Ben Westover
12-31-07 Mon PM New Years Eve Sermon Luke 10:25-37 Bro Jay Cook
12-26-07 Wed PM Humanism Luke 23:34-43 Bro Lewis Braden
12-2-07 Sun PM Without A Preacher Rom 10:13-14 Pastor Rick Sowell
12-2-07 Sun AM The Road To Heaven John 14 Pastor Rick Sowell
12-2-07 Sun SS How To Deal With Your Flesh Ephesians 4 Pastor Rick Sowell
12-1-07 Sat PM What Went Wrong   Pastor Rick Sowell
11-30-07 Fri PM What Made Antioch Church Great Acts 11:19-30 Pastor Rick Sowell
11-28-07 Wed PM Christ Must Needs Have Suffered   Bro Ben Westover
11-25-07 Sun AM Faith Heb 11:1-6 Pastor Ryan Bielfus
11-25-07 Sun AM Some Things That Are Important
to Understand
Dan 10:10-12 Bro Bob Leathley
11-24-07 Sat PM How to Get the Shout Back Ps 51 Pastor Mario Chadinha
11-24-07 Sat PM Vineyard Shouting Is 16:8-11 Bro Robbie Morrison
11-23-07 Fri PM Be Filled With the Spirit Acts 2:1-4 Bro. George Griffis
11-23-07 Fri PM How People Go Astray Ps 106:21 Pastor Don Snow
11-14-07 Wed PM Consider The Work Of The Lord Neh 2:1-6 Bro. Matt Leathley
09-11-07 Wed PM A Spiritual Inheritance II Chr 2:1-16 Bro Matt Leathley

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